Client Testimonials
5-06-08-- Ruth wrote

On August 25, 2007 my husband and son went on the annual company camping and rafting trip. That night I received a call from my husband while they were in route to the closest emergency room. Our 5 year old had been pinned by a car door against a tree. His head and upper body had been squashed by the open rear door when the driver suddenly put the car in reverse and stepped on the gas. When the car moved forward my son’s head and chest were both white from lack of blood flow.  

An hour later when I got to the ER I saw a very happy little boy with a strange looking forehead. The Doctors ran all the tests including CAT Scan, MRI and X-Ray. It was a miracle because they said he was fine according to the tests. Everyone breathed at last but I knew his head looked somehow “wrong”. I knew that the car that hit him had to have the door replaced so it did not make since to me that this little human being was just fine with that kind of impact. I began looking for a solution when we returned home and a friend recommended that I call Marty Austin who does CranioSacral Therapy with children and adults. This friend told me that Marty had helped her young daughter and was good with children. My friend assured me that this therapy was not intrusive or even painful. When I called for an appointment, Marty got us in ASAP.

During the initial exam Marty found a small laundry list of issues, mostly from the car accident but some from birth.  My son has been going to his “Marty Parties” as he referrers to his sessions, for almost a year and he loves them.  Marty now has the impression that everything is
as it should be.  We owe her so much for his progress. We actually watched our sons head change shape during the process. 

We also have a sixteen month old daughter who fell at a birthday party into a door frame that resulted in a knot the size of a walnut. It immediately turned black with a white streak. Naturally, I freaked and was off to the ER with her.

While at the ER she was somewhat happy, but also there was strangeness about her. The Doctors checked her out and released her quickly. At home we gave her a homeopathic remedy for the bruising. The knot began to go down soon after the remedy was administered. Our daughter tended to be very wired prior to this happening and did not like to stay still or focus while playing. Her language was also not developing like her brother’s did at this same age although she was able to make sounds of different animals. She did turn over at 4 months, crawled at 5 months and walked at 11 months, so I was used to her being very active, but this was excessively active. My son had used small sentences at 18 months so I was worried but did not want to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Children of friends of mine all began talking at different developmental rates and some not until 24 months so I rationalized that all seemed fine.

Because of our previous experience with our son’s progress with Marty, I called her immediately and she saw our daughter that same week. On her initial appointment several things were revealed. Some of these issues related to the knot and some from birth which pointed to ADHD or ADD behaviors. I was a bit freaked out but Marty assured me that children can be very resilient with CranioSacral Therapy.

That very night after her fist session, my daughter looked me in the eyes and said “Momom and then gave me a big “I can do it” smile. Since then she has begun using a lot of words. Prior to therapy she would not sit or pay attention to more than a page or a picture in a book and now she wants book after book of her 5 year old brothers big boy books. My daughter had only experienced two one half hour sessions with Marty when all this took place.

My daughter had always been on the go and excessively active and I now know the word to describe her old behavior was hyper.  She is not back on track completely but we know that Marty can help her in this process.  We feel so blessed to have Marty’s help.




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